Q: How does this work?

When you purchase one of our packages you will receive an email with instructions on how to send us your PLR content.  We will ask you for some details like what keyword phrases would you like us to work into the articles, who is your target market, and what you want people to do when they finish reading. We will also collect login details for your WordPress blog or autoresponder system.

The Project Manager will then task your project to the most suitable writer and supervise the entire process until the content is fully deployed.

Q: What if I think the content needs tweaking?

We promise the content is written well, spelled correctly, and formatted attractively.  It’s completely normal for you to want to tweak your content a bit here and thereafter it has been delivered to you – you haven’t downloaded your brain and personality into the writer after all. If on the other hand, you feel that our writer misinterpreted your instructions, we’ll go back over it to better deliver on your expectations.

Q: Why do you only rewrite content to be 30% different?

You’ve probably heard a variety of advice about how much you should rewrite your PLR before publishing it on your site.  40%, 50% – some even think they should rewrite it until it is 75% different.  We simply don’t agree that it’s necessary.  Our goal is to rewrite the content to speak to your audience and attract relevant search engine traffic.  We give our writers a minimum goal of 30% but instruct them to rewrite it until it is GOOD!  That will likely average somewhere between 30 and 50% – but in some cases, it could be more.  It depends on the PLR you start with.

If you personally prefer that your PLR be rewritten to be ‘more’ different, you should consider a VIP Membership.  We create customized services for our VIPs 🙂

Q: If my content is only rewritten to be 30% different, won’t I be punished by Google for duplicate content?

In a word: No.

Q:  Man, can’t I just hire someone to write unique content for me for about the same cost?

Hey, we get it!  Everyone has a budget to keep and the whole reason you bought PLR in the first place is that it’s cheap!  Sure, there are a lot of inexpensive ghostwriters out there for hire.  Maybe you’ll find someone really good on your first try – or maybe you’ll kiss a few frogs along the way.

Just remember this: we are not a writing service.  This is not ‘RewriteYourPLR.com’ – this is ‘UseYourPLR.com’.  We are taking the PLR collecting dust on your computer and putting it into action for you. When your PLR is working for you, you get more traffic, grow your list and promote desired profitable outcomes.