Haven't You Had It Long Enough?  Your PLR, that is.
As an Entrepreneur, You Never Have Enough Time BUT Way Too Much to Do!
Introducing the solution for all of your PLR (done-for-you-content) needs...

At Use Your PLR, we transform the done-for-you content on your hard drive into branded content your business desperately needs!


WE DO NOT SELL PLR - we use it!

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I am Melanie M. Davis

I have been in your shoes.

I finally had to draw the line with myself regarding PLR!  


I would not buy any more PLR until I began using some of what I already owned.


And guess what ---- it felt SOOOOO good!


In that ‘happy place’, I realized that I was not the only person that had purchased PLR without using it, and decided to help others end that 'buy-and-hoard’ cycle and ‘use, use, use’!

Melanie M. Davis

We are on a PLR Rescue Mission for our clients!

I began my first virtual business over 21 years ago (in fact, it is still growing strong).

I began  as Virtual Assistant and Virtual Bookkeeper, then transitioned into:

  • Business Consulting
  • Business Development & Operations
  • Produce and Deliver Programs/Products

We rescue your PLR collecting virtual dust on your computer and turn it into something you would be proud to have your name on.

My team and I are 100% English speaking, and US-based. My passion has always been to help others succeed and find ways to monetize what you already have … in this case, helping you brand your PLR with your voice and with content that will be valuable to your audience.

Face it. Realistically, not every piece of PLR you have purchased will be used.

BUT you can make a smart decision today and make your first step in taking action.  

Imagine how wonderful you will feel when you attack you PLR stash!

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Hire us to personalize and utilize your PLR

Have you purchased PLR to use for your blog posts or other content for your business, yet have not had the time to make it yours?

Do you have hundreds- even thousands of dollars - sitting on your hard drive right now?

Are you are ready to leverage it NOW … after all, you bought it and should use it!

This is NOT just changing the title and cover for the PLR you purchased...we revamp the content to be unique to you and your business.

How would you feel if you have plenty of valuable content for your business and audience?

Stand out among your competitors by posting consistent, quality content for blog posts, newsletters and program offerings!


Read our client's experiences...

Nothing like hearing how our clients felt about the service they received and what it meant to them.


















"I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Melanie and her team.

They were able to take PLR that I had gathered for years and then turn around quality blog posts so that I could quickly populate my site with credible content.

This has enabled me to spend more time focusing on creating quality products, researching products of interest to my audience, and interfacing with my customers.

Use Your PLR not only saves me time but providing a service of benefit to my subscribers enabling me to provide the timely quality content that they want."

Melanie has helped make big changes in our (NAMS, INC) business.

She helps me make money on a regular basis. In fact, she made me over $12,000 on just one of our promotions.

PLUS she saves me time. 

It is a no-brainer for me to give her our PLR because we make money from it.

I never recognize the content they produce with the PLR I give them. 

Jen Perdew

Use Your PLR Ideas

Every successful business needs ongoing quality content to:


  • Generate traffic through your funnels
  • Communicate with your community
  • Nurture and build relationships with new visitors


Private Label Rights (done-for-you content) is the answer… as long as you use it.


The problem? Buying tons of PLR and not implementing it. 


I get it....it happened to me! I couldn't find the time to actually use the PLR I had accumulated over time. This madness had to stop!


So I began a serious PLR Rescue Mission! Not just with my PLR, but other business owners need quality content in order to grow their businesses and audience.


When it comes to content, more is not better - better is better.


Do not let poor-quality PLR affect your reputation! Avoid this from happening to you by taking the step of recreating it in a professional way.


The Solution? Let's Use Your PLR to process and brand your PLR for Profit.

Our Services

Give us your PLR/done-for-you content packages and we will give you branded, personalized content ready for you to use in your business!

If you have a lot of Done-for-You Content packages, check out our VIP Membership.

Best value! 🙂