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Are you in desperate need of a website refresh or just need a brand new one?

But completely overwhelmed by the thought of getting started?

What Has Stopped You?

Let the frustration end here!

 You’re too busy running your business to deal with rebuilding your website quickly or effectively.

 Business is exploding and you know your site needs to keep up with the competition but where do you start?

 You want to expand your business and realize to do that, your website has to expand with you but the thought of dealing with it makes you want to drink gallons of wine.

NAMS Learning Center

Jen Perdew

Director of Sales and Marketing, NAMS

Melanie has helped make big changes in our (NAMS, INC) business.

She helps me make money on a regular basis. In fact, she made me over $12,000 on just one of our promotions.

PLUS she saves me time. 

It is a no-brainer for me to give her our PLR because we make money from it.

I never recognize the content they produce with the PLR I give them. 

What Can You Expect

When You Work With Use Your PLR

We Are Part Of Your Arsenal

Consider us to be part of your team. Just like you, we are in this for the long haul and consider your success to be our success. We will take the  vision you have for your business and implement those dreams and goals into your website.

Let's Talk About Content

By now, you are aware that content is king. And the Search Engines reward those who put out new and targeted content. We have you covered! How does DFY monthly blog content sound? We’ll even post it up for you!

Hand Everything To Us

Breathe a sigh of relief as you hand your website over to us. As your new team members, we will take your dreams and ideas and do all the heavy lifting. Rest easy. Your crew is on board and ready to move forward with your plans!

Here’s What You Get

We understand how important your website is to your business.

A part of our onboarding  process involves reviewing your specific needs and desires for your website to ensure we create a site that implements your unique marketing vision!

Young woman at desk 500px

The Whole Enchilada

Up to a 10-page WordPress website:

Beautiful modern design that converts visitors into sales and leads

Checklist to walk you through updating the content on your site to ensure you are having the right conversation with your audience

All necessary and desired plugins including security, optimization and anti-spam plugins

Responsive design = Mobile Friendly!

SSL Setup

Email signup form which we’ll connect to your autoresponder

SEO Optimized

WordPress Training

3 months content includes: *

12 Blog posts

36 Social media posts

Customized editorial calendar

Lead magnet

Only $2450

Have Some Questions?

David Perdew - NAMS, Inc.

Melanie M. Davis  has been incredibly successful.

She wanted to offer a business that solved a HUGE problem for so many people.

And boy she nailed it.

How many times have you looked at the all the PLR/done-for-you content on your hard drive and just shook your head?

You just didn't know where to start to actually get that PLR converted, branded and edited so it looks like you with your own voice.

Well Melanie and her team are doing it for you!

Presenting Use Your PLR.

Get your PLR turned into blog posts, lead magnets newsletters,  mini-courses, autoresponder series -pretty much anything you can think of - branded just for you by U.S. based professionals who have been serving their private virtual clients for over 21 years.

When I looked at these services, I told Melanie this offer was way too good to pass up.

Melanie is amazing.

I've loved watching her business grow and transform PLUS I've loved working with her.

Her dedication to perfection is just about unheard of.

That is why we are one of her clients.

You won't be disappointed.


Ready For Your New Website?

One Payment Of


Total Savings of $1,245!

Melanie’s Story

On a PLR Rescue Mission

Back in 1998, no one heard of virtual businesses. No one would hire me to work virtually because they did not have the vision to see I could work at home and do what they wanted even though I was not in their office. LOTS of hoops to jump through back then.

Yes, it was tough. I was a divorced mom with two little ones. Working full time during the day, then working in the evenings after the kids went to bed was hard. You see, I was stubborn – very stubborn. There was no way that I would settle for anything less than achieving my goals and being with my kids. I did what I had to do.

Eventually, I was able to quit my full-time job at the school and grow my virtual business.

Twenty-two years later, I still have my original email address. My first virtual business (MelanieMDavis – All Your Virtual Services) was launched in 1998. I have two more virtual businesses, UseYourPLR and ExcellenceBusinessAcademy.

What you get when working with Melanie:

  • Virtual Experience: launched my first Virtual Business (All Your Virtual Services) in 1998.
  • A team you can trust.
  • 100% dedication to your projects ~ we do not take on more than we can do.

What qualifies me to handle your business content needs?

I have a solid business foundation that has provided me the opportunity to work with a variety of clients – and their business – for 22 years.

I know that consistent, quality content is vital for any online business and what it takes to provide that. I have the experience you need for a strong content automation management system.

My team and I have business knowledge in a variety of niches/areas; this experience gives us an edge when working with PLR/Done-for-You Content for you.

“I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Melanie and her team.

They were able to take PLR that I had gathered for years and then turn around quality blog posts so that I could quickly populate my site with credible content.

This has enabled me to spend more time focusing on creating quality products, researching products of interest to my audience, and interfacing with my customers.”

Karen –

AmyBair RS

Amy’s Story

Lead WordPress Designer and Project Manager

My name is Amy Bair and I am the founder of eHemisphere and The Edible Terrace.

I have a long history in computers and the Internet. In fact, when I got my BS in Computer Information Systems back in 1998, I was hired by the State of Arizona. Fast forward to 2011 when I got my MS in Information Management and decided to follow a long awaited, deep seated passion to build my own business.

I am a 3rd generation entrepreneur so working for myself runs deep and true for me but I had always struggled to find that one thing  that would get me out of bed in the morning. I didn’t realize it when I first started learning WordPress but you know what?!? I loved it! And finally, I found that one thing! That thing that makes me excited to start each day. It’s building websites!  🤓

I am very much a systems nerd too so working in and integrating platforms such as Memberium and Infusionsoft geeks me out in a huge way and just makes my day that much brighter!

Although born and raised in Phoenix, my husband and I currently live in Sunny Florida. 🌴 We started our adventure in Miami and Key Largo then moved near Tallahassee where life runs at a much slower pace and I can really focus on growing my client’s businesses.

“Amy of eHemisphere was totally devoted to me and my web page. She wanted to be sure the page reflected me and my business. She have many suggestions, did what I didn't want to do, and allowed me to do what I wanted to do. I highly recommend eHemisphere for your web design and SEO services”

Dr. Cathy Chapman–

Check Out Our Previous Custom Sites

(These are all websites Amy and her team have built.
Both Odyssey to Wholeness and NAMS are also Melanie's clients)

Check Out The Value of the Content Package You Receive

PLR Inventory Assessment and Execution Plan $350 1 $350
24 Blog Posts (1 blog per week for 6 months) up to 1,000 words each $50 24 $1200
24 Feature Images (1 image per Blog) $10 24 $240
Done for You SEO for Each Blog $30 24 $720
Format and Schedule the Posts on Your Site $25 24 $600
Social Media posts on up to 3 platforms for each Blog $25 72 $1800
Send a Weekly eMail to your Audience with Blog Announcement (4 per month) $25 26 $650
Create and Distribute A Monthly Newsletter Using the Blogs as Content $100 6 $600
Total Cost If Purchased Separately $6,110

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! For only $347/mo, we offer:

  •  Assess your PLR Inventory and devise an Execution Plan (Initial Startup)
  • 4 Blog Posts (1 blog per week) up to 1,000 words each
  • 4 Featured Images (1 image per Post)
  • Done for You SEO for Each Post
  • Format and Schedule the Posts on Your Site
  • Social Media posts on up to 3 platforms for each Post(total of 12 SM posts per month)
  • Send a Monthly Newsletter Using the Posts as Content
  • Create a Specific Call to Action in Each Newsletter

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