Done For You Blog Post Creation

Use Your PLR for your blog content needs.


A Beautiful Website Will Only Take You So Far: You Need Valuable Content!

You need content. Fresh, quality, content -  to constantly generate traffic and grow your business.

Have you asked yourself,  “How will my clients find me?”

Consistent, valuable content via blogging is the answer!

Have you purchased PLR (done-for-you-content)  with the intent to create amazing blog posts to use on your website?

Yet, somehow creating them hasn’t happened yet.

You are not alone!

We specialize in working with the PLR our clients have purchased, and create a complete content-automation process with them.

What can a blog do for your business?


Consistent Blog Posts will:

  • Generate quality site visitors
  • Brand your business and build your credibility in ANY niche
  • Save you time by giving you content to share on social media to reach even more new clients 

We've eliminated the clutter and time-consuming workaround blogging so that we can take you deep into the heart of successful blogging. 

Because the truth is it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Driving traffic with carefully crafted niche blog posts from your PLR is the first step of using the PLR content you have already purchased. 

High-quality posts in your niche or industry that generates traffic, and provides valuable content and information to your market is also one of the most effective methods of building a presence of authority and establishing yourself within your industry so incredible profit margins aside, blogging puts you in a great position within your market.

Guess what? The best part about this strategy is that it’s also exceptionally easy to do and is very cost-effective. In fact, the majority of work will involve your delegation of your PLR for Blog Posts to us.

So, without further delay – let’s jump right in!

This is your brand, after all. You need to make sure every piece of content has your voice, carries your message and represents your business in the best possible way.

But the good news?  Blogs will pay off.

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Why trust us?

Busy people

Reason 1

We have a solid business foundation that has provided us the opportunity to work with all types of clients – and their business –  for 21 years.

Reason 2

We have business knowledge and experience in a variety of niches; this experience gives us an edge when working for you with PLR/Done-for-You Content for you.


4 Blog Posts up to 800 words each

  • Use keywords and niche- specific phrases provided by you
  • Add your feature images (provided by you)
  • Post / Schedule your posts to published
  • SEO Greenlights with Yoast

8 Blog Posts up to 800 words each

  • Use keywords and niche- specific phrases provided by you
  • Add your feature images (provided by you)
  • Post / Schedule your blogs to published
  • SEO Greenlights with Yoast


Why is it important to create and send your list a newsletter? 

It's a vital business tool to create relationships within your niche, to keep in contact with your customers or members, construct your credibility or perceived expertise in the market and drive leads, sales and/or revenue by selling products/services or advertising beside quality original content.

Although newsletters may be an excellent way to feature a new product or service that you provide, you have to think about what makes it worth reading, and more significantly, how can it make you stick out as an expert!


  • One Newsletter Using Blog Posts for Content
  • Quality, Valuable Content with Images
  • Upcoming Events or Launches to drive sales