Ready to use your PLR ?

You know how important it is to have compelling content that is valuable to your community in order to grow your business. I  found myself in that position years ago.

The problem is finding the time to create it  OR you do not know how to re-create the PLR for yourself.

Never underestimate the power of great content! It is your content that speaks of who you are before your audience gets to 'know' you.

Do not be tempted to churn 'stuff' out without regard to its purpose or value that can lower the image you want to portray to clients and customers!

Years ago, I worked with a coach that said this -

When it comes to content, more is not better: better is better.

I  believe that to be 100%  true.

Perhaps you have purchased PLR with good intention to use it, however it has remained untouched ever since you purchased it. This is more common than you may imagine - and why you need to have the pros take it off your hands and create something that is customized for you and your audience.


You need a content plan in place in order to drive reliable traffic that equates to revenue.


We have created this fully managed content service in mind for all the business owners out there trying to take their business to the next level.

What if you could have a 90 Day Content Calendar with customized blogs scheduled to post regularly?

How would that make you feel?

Check out the features in the 90 Day Managed Content Package:

  • 60 Minute Knock-it Out Call
    • Review your PLR stash
    • Determine where you want to begin
    • Recognize and Organize content for next 90 days
  • Create Custom 90-Day Content Calendar
  • Create 12 quality rich blog posts between 1,000 -  1,500 words each
  • Include a stunning feature image for each post
  • SEO title and snippit for each post
  • Format and schedule your blogs to post weekly